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555 Sixth St # 210
New Westminster
BC V3L 5H1

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lazy mans rehab
Original review: November 05, 2017

been there a week with my bicep injury (after surgery ) these people are young and have no experience .lv been given a training program that does nothing for my bicep . the physio girl needs to wash her hands before touching the clients scar tissues .when l got done my excercises at 11 am , l was told to go lay down for the rest of the day by the front office manager who also told me she has no injury rehab experience.what a waste of employers money and my time .wcbis getting ripped off if there allowing clients such as myself to just go for coffeee ,walks , and sleeping half the day away.i score orion health a o . by the way l asked for more excercises for bicep and l was told no , slow down and if you get done faster talk to people or lay down until the days over .l guess wcb got money to waste . let’s see what next week training looks like 10 hours work 20 hours of sleep at this facility . can’t recommend orion health in newwestminister to any one who’s serious about getting healthy ,lt won’t happen at this place . by the way l see pillows on the floor for 3 days ???? just dirty , tell your workers to wear gloves when they touch people , l don’t want there germs.(one councillor has a cold running around talking too people with a mask on real professional there , no no no

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